Which industry has the highest open rates?

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Opens and clicks

Ever found yourself looking at your email campaign results and wondering what they mean? Are these excellent results, just average or even rather poor? With little to compare them to other than previous results its hard to gain a sense of where you stand.

The latest piece of research from Sigh-Up.to shows the industry averages for opens and clicks across a range of industries. They analysed the data from over 1 billion emails sent via Sign-Up.to’s platform and grouped them into 29 industry sectors. Legal & Accounting top the open rates list with 37.25%, followed by TV/Radio/Film at 35.81% in second and Government (Local and National) in third with an open rate of 33.99%. These are industry specific, so don’t feel too downhearted if your figures are not looking as high as those.

What about the lowest?

Well, the lowest open rates over 2015 goes to the ‘Other Service – B2B’ sector who only received an average open rate of 18.47%. That is rather unfortunate news, but not surprising given the number of B2B emails being sent nowadays. Events – Music/Theatre/Club etc were the second worst performing sector with an open rate of 19.91% – a mere 1 in 5 people opened their emails. They were just edged into the penultimate spot by the Restaurant / Hospitality sector who scored an average 20.47%


Click-Open ratio

A lot of marketers are looking at click-open ratios now to determine the level of success received by their campaigns. The percentages were presented down to two decimal spaces, so multiplying both out by 100, we can work out a representative click-open ratio. Below you can see a chart we made displaying the biggest winners and losers from the Sing-Up.to’s results.

Open-click ratio comparison

While TV/Radio/Film scored one of the highest open rates their click rate was one of the worst leading to them ranking last on the click-open ratio chart. The government, unsurprisingly ranked highest with both opens and clicks which is why they topped the click-open ratio rankings. Sales and Marketing ranks 5th, but it will be interesting to see where they rank next year to identify which direction email marketing is heading.

Some interesting suggestions to be drawn up from these results – For example, TV/Radio/Film typically are not utilising their call to actions hence the low click rates and Legal & Accounting are successfully using their email channels to deliver key content to their audience.

You can read the full article here: http://performancein.com


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