Solution of the week: Land Finder

June 23, 2016 10:02 am Back to News & Offers

Land Finder LogoLand Finder – Intelligent land Identification.

Our land identification tool, Land Finder, has seen staggering success since its launch in November, even more so this month with the arrival of the new delivery portal. Finding suitable land for development has always been a costly challenge, usually involving field workers scouting land or employees trawling google maps.

Whats happened with Land Finder..?Land Identification tool

At the beginning of the month we launched the Land Finder delivery portal. We recognised the need for a user friendly way of analysing and evaluating the results. In partnership with SBL and IDC, we built the land finder portal (pictured right). Once we receive the client’s criteria, use the latest mapping techniques to identify areas of land that match said criteria. The criteria clients are able to set has no limitations, this include niche requirements such as minimum of 500m away from any rivers, low risk flooding, south facing slopes etc…



land identification - train sampleLand Finder can adapt to any criteria…

Proximity to infrastructure

Milton Keynes was developed in the 1960s to accommodate the overflow of population in London. Cheaper land outside the city combined with upgraded rail networks lead to many ‘New Towns’ being built on the outskirts of the city. Land Finder has the ability to locate land parcels within a set proximity to major transport infrastructures e.g. motorways or train stations (pictured)


land identification - flood sampleAvoid flood risk areas

The past decade has seen a record amount of rainfall, with numerous ‘record breaking’ months of rainfall. 2.4 million households are at risk of flooding from rivers or the sea, a further 2.8 million are at risk from surface-water flooding. A total of 5.2 million, or 20% of UK households are susceptible to flooding. Our land identification tool can overlay flood risk data to a client’s results, enabling them to choose sites appropriately and avoid areas that are at risk of flooding. This shows the true diversity of what is capable with Land Finder.


land identification - slope sampleIdentify land by angle and direction of its slope

If a client’s development requires land that has a slope facing a particular direction, Land Finder can do it. Using the very latest mapping technology, our GIS experts can identify land what slopes facing any direction needed. If required, they can even go as far as to produce 3D layouts of the land parcel is incredible quality, enabling the client to explore every aspect of the land, from the gradient of the slopes to the height of any bumps or dips on the land.



These are just a few examples of the capabilities of Land Finder. This unique service can locate land parcels specific to any criteria set.

To find out more, visit the Land Finder page here, or enquire now to see how Land Finder can help you.