Solution of the Week: E-Validate

June 15, 2016 2:53 pm – Back to News & Offers

Suffering from high bounce rates? Our online email validation tool, E-Validate, can clean your email database by removing invalid emails, duplicates, hard bounces and even soft bounces (should you request it)

Whats the importance of it?

E-Validate imageLaunching email campaigns that using databases that contain a large percentage of poor data have a damaging effect. Financially speaking, you would be paying more in broadcast fees to send emails to address that wont be receiving them. Using E-Validate will help reduce such costs by identifying which emails are invalid, duplicates or hard bounces. Simply remove them from your list and save on your broadcasting fees.

If you send emails regularly and to relatively large database, high bounces rates run the risk of damaging your sender reputation. Sender Reputation is vital as it will negatively impact any future campaigns you launch.

Free Quality Audit

We have provided the opportunity for anyone to scan their database and receive a free quality grade. You can find this located at the bottom of the E-Validate page

Visit the E-Validate page here