Solution of the Week: Data Cleansing

June 9, 2016 5:01 pm Back to News & Offers

Data Cleansing shocking statistics

These are the latest figures from a recent report by Integrate looking into the quality of data used by marketers. They found that duplicate data, invalid ranges/values and missing fields were some of the most common issues. Data cleansing has always been important, since the mass collection and usage of data has developed into common practice.

Databases containing poor data costs you money, sending emails to invalid emails or direct mail to incorrect addresses, however it can also cost you your audience and brand reputation.

Data Cleansing at Intermedia Global

logo-data-clinicWe have the ability and expertise to correct address structure, track address movers, remove duplicates, fill in missing fields and more… In addition to postal address cleaning we offer email address validation, correction and appending. We deliver data cleaning solutions to a wide spectrum of clients, from those that have small bespoke UK customer databases to those with large International databases.

The process

After consultation and assuming non-disclosure agreements are signed, we receive your data via our secure file transfer. We will then audit your data to establish areas for improvement (missing fields or incorrect or out-dated data). We would then provide you back with a cleaned database, ready for your next marketing campaign or re-upload into your CRM system.

Email Validation

This year we launched our email validation tool: E-Validate. It can identify which emails in your database are live, invalid, duplicates, soft bounces and hard bounces. This not only helps you clean your database, it reduces your costs (or broadcasting fees) as well as protecting your sender reputation. We offer a free quality rating of your data via our secure and confidential online tool, which you can find here

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