Possible GDPR Consent Guidance Delay?

July 13, 2017 11:10 am Back to News & Offers

You should by now be aware of GDPR, or at least what it stands for. This monumental change in data protection regulation has been the talk of the data industry for 2 years now.

Some businesses have been proactive and have been preparing themselves for a while now, for example many of our data partners are currently confirming opt-ins in preparation for the post-May 2018 world. However, It seems many businesses have been slow to adopt the new practices laid out by the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This hesitation is, in part, because of the lack of information from the ICO.

With less than a year left to go, many are waiting one of the important pieces of information that covers, arguably, the most controversial and ambiguous points on the new regulation: the ICO consent guidance. The ICO were originally due to present some guidance in July, but the expectation now seems to be nearer the end of the year which will leave businesses little time to prepare.

If confirmed, this will be a huge blow, with some major companies like John Lewis and HSBC already dismissing previous ICO guidance to the GDPR as too ambiguous.

There is a keen interest from within data industry, particularly from the B2B side, on how the GDPR will affect the use of data in marketing. The ambiguity means there are several different interpretations to GDPR. There are pieces that are clear, such as the change in protection for sole traders and partnerships.

Sole Traders and Partnerships are now protected under the same principles that apply to B2C. This means that you now need them to opt-in. However, in regards to public/privately limited companies or a local authority the assumption is that it remain opt-out. This is precisely why the industry needs the consent guidance, as it poses a significant change and potential threat to B2B marketing.

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