Nuisance call firm fined record amount

May 11, 2017 9:54 am Back to News & Offers

A Bedfordshire registered company Keurboom Communications have gone into liquidation after being fined £400,000 by the ICO. The nuisance call company, based in Dunstable, made over 1 million calls relating to road-accident and insurance policy compensation. After receiving more than 1,000 complaints the ICO decided to investigate Keurboom Communications.

They found they had broken privacy laws by repeatedly contacting people without their consent – A cornerstone of the new GDPR regulations coming into effect in May 2018.

Despite Keurboom going into liquidation, the ICO remained committed to recovering the record £400,000 fine.

Nuisance call firms dilute the value of what honest data & direct marketing companies offer. The minority of firms who do break privacy laws give our industry, as a whole, a bad name.

Steven Adams, Marketing Manager

Busiest Year

The industry regulator has revealed it’s been the busiest year for investigations. A total of £1.9m has been issued in fines to 23 companies over 2016/17.

We recently covered the story surrounding Flybe & Honda’s ICO fines for unsolicited marketing emails, asking consumers who had not expressed any interest in receiving emails to opt-in. The aim of this was to prepare for the upcoming GDPR, but it broke privacy laws and they were subsequently fined.


It comes as no surprise that 2016/17 has been a record year for the ICO in terms of fines issued. The ICO were given the green light to increase the maximum fine from £5,000 to £500,000 not so long ago. More recently, the ICO have been given permission to fine both the company and the company director if they are found to have broken any privacy laws – a step forward in stopping those behind-the-scenes people responsible.

Also, with the new GDPR implementing a strict set of policies regarding the handling and use of data it’s important for the ICO to be punishing those who break privacy laws. Could they be setting an example of these companies in the run up to the GDPR? 

Either way, the industry seems to be supportive of cracking down on rogue companies. Nuisance call firms dilute the value of what honest data and direct marketing companies offer – the minority of firms who do break privacy laws give the industry, as a whole, a bad name.

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