New TPS Figures set to Shock the Telemarketing World

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Outbound Telesales are dead!

It’s not an uncommon occurrence to have people ringing your phone, trying to sell you some product or service with no regards to your current circumstances – PPI and Injury claims to name a few culprits. However, for businesses that rely on telesales to generate revenue, there is trouble on the horizon.

The Telephone Preference Service, aka: TPS, has released figures that will shock these businesses to the core. New figures show a staggering 22 million people have now signed up to TPS – equating to around 3,000 a day!

What is TPS?

For the minority who do not know what TPS is, it’s essentially a safeguard against sales calls to your telephone. Sign up to TPS and you should stop receiving these sales calls – give or take a few weeks or at most a month or two – depending on the user. Companies are advised to regularly suppress their data against TPS to ensure those who are signed up are not called – suppressions should be run once a month as a minimum, although ideally, once a week – it depends on the circumstances.

I digress…

Looking at the bare facts, a staggering 88% of the market have opted out of receiving calls – marking an increase of almost 20% since 2012. This leaves only 12% of the market who can legally be called… and call centres wonder why response rates have diminished!

John Mitchison DMAJohn Mitchison (pictured left), Head of preference services at DMA, anticipates that the current rate of 1.2million sign ups a year will only stay the same, if not increase. At this rate, all landlines in the UK will be registered on TPS and we will have lost a popular direct marketing channel.

There are people who ignore the TPS, known as rogue marketers, however the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) now has somewhat strengthened its ability to prosecute such offenders and recent record fines are a testament to this.


There are other preference services such as the CTPS and MPS respectively. CTPS, Corporate Telephone Preference Service, allows businesses to universally opt out of sale and marketing calls for all their numbers or a selected range.

MPS, Mailing Preference Service, does exactly the same as TPS but with mail instead. Out of a possible 27 million households in the UK, only 6 million have signed up. Only 22.2% of the market have registered with MPS suggesting a lack of awareness or a much higher tolerance for mail marketing.

As marketers look for alternatives to cold calling due to the issue highlighted, qualified lead generation is becoming a more viable option, with consumers giving explicit permission for named companies to call them. As it stands, this is the only way a TPS registration can be over-ridden. Intermedia Global are experts in lead generation, offering a consultative service which sees clients receive qualified leads from our trusted partners that perform at a consistently high level across all sectors – read about our lead generation services here

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