New Prepaid Energy Meter

April 20, 2016 5:17 pm Back to News & Offers

We are proud to announce the launch of our new database: The IMG Prepaid Energy Meter Database

About The File…

This database allows you to target households who are prepaid meters installed, with incredible selections available for precision marketing. All contacts contained within this database are tele-verified which means not only is there a verified phone number available, all contacts are TPS compliant. We recently published an article on the latest TPS figures, and now with 88% of UK households signed up to TPS, ensuring compliance is of utter importance.

Choose your target market by current provider, region/geographic location, date of birth, homeownership and more…

Those fields provide the base for a great campaign, but what really makes this particular database stand out though are the next two selection fields:

  • Those who have switched supplier in the past 12 months
  • Those who have requested a quote in the last 12 months

These two fields should be the tip of the spear for any campaign. Firstly, those who have switched suppliers by the past 12 months would represent a great opportunity for those constructing a campaign around customer service or pricing. The fact that they have switched recently means they possess little or not brand loyalty. If they switch because their previous supplier had poor customer service or were too expensive, this selection provides the opportunity to undercut your competitors.

Secondly, those who were quoted in the past 12 months would suggest they are actively looking for a change in supplier. The consumer is willing to switch and is currently in the process of researching alternatives. There is no better opportunity than now to target those with a quality marketing campaign.

Read more about this high quality database or download the rate card by visiting our B2C portfolio listed under the services menu, or click here

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