National Grid closer to virtual power stations

October 17, 2016 12:06 pm Back to News & Offers

National Grid have managed to transmit data through the national electricity grid for the first time. This marks a huge step forward for the industry as it would create the potential for a more dynamic and stable platform for the supply of electricity for the UK.

In the 21st century, data has developed to the point it has unlimited potential. If used and interpreted the right way, it can provide scientists with Nobel prize winning answers to life changing questions, it can mean the difference between a stock broker buying that multi-million dollar stock or not, it allows businesses gain valuable insights in market trends or campaign evaluation. The point is, data has become a fundamental force in modern day society.

Land Finder

Land Finder LaptopFinding new and efficient ways of using that data has become the basis of many modern day developments. Take our product Land Finder, for example. The housing market is currently facing a crisis with a shortage in supply of new and affordable housing as well as facing too many barriers to entry. A study showed 67% of SME house builders said finding new land to build on was one of their biggest issues. How could data be used to help solve this issue in one of the UK’s fundamental economic sectors?

Intermedia Global manage the IMG UK Consumer Index, a database detailing over 45 million consumers across 27 million households in the UK. Partnering with technological solutions and geospatial mapping experts SBL Info tech and Ian Dee Consulting, we use mapping data to identify plots of land, which is then matched to Land Registry data as well as our own IMG Consumer Index to provide contact information on the land owner, allowing for cheaper, off market sales.

Taking this consumer database out of its natural area of B2C data provision, combing it with other data sources to create a muilti-faceted and totally unique solution for a problem that continues to trouble our economy.

National Grid ImageNational Grid

All this to say, it makes what National Grid have done a step closer towards an ‘energy revolution’. Much like Land Finder turned data into an industry changing concept, National Grid are planning something similar for the energy industry. Data transmitted along the national electricity grid can communicate with devices in business or homes to balance the demand for power, making the overall supply of electricity to the UK substantially more efficient. During times of peak demand, that would normally strain the system and potentially cause power outages, data would be sent to devices to change their power inputs slightly and stabilise demand.

Power to office air conditioners could be altered to suit work hours, freezers could increase their temperature by 0.5C. The power savings seem marginal on a micro scale but with over 27 million households in the UK plus commercial buildings, the power saved would be enough to meet the demands during peek hours.

These savings not only would help stabilise the electricity supply, but has the potential to pass on the savings to the consumer too.