New Land Finder Portal and Webpage Launched!

June 1, 2016 10:02 am Back to News & Offers

Land Finder Portal

Land Finder Portal Sample ImageToday we launch our new web-based Land Finder Portal, a tool that brings you closer to this unique service than ever before. Land Finder was originally launched in November 2015 and has since gone on to attract some of the largest names in the retail and property development sectors. The success experienced so far has allowed us to develop new and more innovative ways to present and deliver this service.


What is Land Finder?

For those unfamiliar with Land Finder and processes involved, we begin by discussing your land requirements and specifications. These can range not only from industry to industry but by project to project too. Land Finder is adaptable enough to cater to even the most complex specifications, e.g. minimum size of 4 acres, with 1.5km of a public transport hub, not on land prone to floods, within specific postcode areas etc… Once all parties have finalised the proposal, we will begin work locating appropriate land using the very latest techniques in geospatial mapping.


What’s new?

Land Finder Portal Data Sample

With thanks to our partners SBL and Ian Dee Consulting, we’ve developed an online Land Finder portal, based on the Google Maps API. We understand not all out clients may be GIS experts, which would make digesting the large quantities of data much harder. We will upload our results onto the portal, where our clients can then log in and filter by postcode, area size etc… Once the client has selected the desired land parcel(s) the client would need to simply extract the data available, as seen in an example here…

We will then take that data and match it to Land Registry, Ordinance Survey and our very own databases, collating the ownership details of the land parcels selected. The final file, containing the contact information will be sent to the client or uploaded to their dashboard*  (*12 month lease users only).

Visit the Land Finder page here, or contact us to find out more