Intermedia Global’s Directors Celebrate Pearl Anniversary

April 12, 2016 4:14 pm Back to News & Offers

As well as Jon’s 10 year anniversary with the company we have another to celebrate! Today, on the 12/4/2016, we mark the 30th anniversary of our directors Neil & Karen McCarthy.

Neil and Karen in VietnamBack in 1986 when Neil and Karen got married, the M25 had only just been completed, Mike Tyson had just won his first boxing title, Tom Cruise flew onto our screen in Top Gun, the average house price was around £44,000 and thanks to Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck moustache’s were in fashion.

Fast forward 30 years and not much has changed. Karen, of course, hasn’t aged in the slightest and still looks the same, with the exception of the rather fetching permed haircut she had back then. Neil, on the other hand, looks very different! A little less hair and a lot less moustache…

Joking aside, its with warm hearts we congratulate them on 30 years of happy marriage. They celebrated their pearl anniversary with an extended trip to Vietnam and Cambodia and have returned well relaxed and fully refreshed. Congratulations again and may the next 30 years be as happy as the last ones.

– Everyone at Team IMG