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December 13, 2016 12:42 pm Back to News & Offers
Our charity trolleys from 2015

Our shopping trolleys from 2015

For Christmas this year, everyone at Intermedia Global decided to come together and donate to a local charity. Some may remember that last year we donated two full trolleys of food to Bedford Foodbank (picture right).

The Foodbank provides help and support for thousands of families and individuals that are in need across the UK, supplying them with much needed food. Not all those to receive these gift aids are homeless, but they are all in need. These kinds of donations can help young people who cannot afford both tuition fees and food, so they go without food to have an education. It can help families where parents go hungry every night so their children get what little food there is available to them.

This year we decided to do the same again. The entire Intermedia Global team all donated money which we took to a local supermarket. Budgeting wisely the team managed to donate over 200 food items, filling two trolleys again! you can see some of the images from our trip below.


Our 2016 trolleys in front of the charity collection box

Our 2016 trolleys in front of the charity collection box

At the checkout with 203 items

Andy putting 203 items through the checkout till!