Institute of Physics Complete Data Project

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The Institute of Physics is a London-based non-profit organisation, working to advance physics for the benefit of all. They provide their members around the World with access to key networking events and invaluable resources that help towards educating and advancing careers in physics.

IOP approached Intermedia Global with an objective of understanding more about the profile of their membership base. IOP members range from individuals to academic and corporate organisations. Working together with IOP’s project lead, Intermedia Global utilised our wealth of B2B information to enhance their database and produce some unique insights and Intelligence. Thus enabling the Institute of Physics to gain a more comprehensive view of their member profile to allow more segmented communication and an understanding of their footprint in the market.

The Project…

LaptopStage 1: Cleaning

As data was held in multiple disparate databases, we determined there was a need to create a cleaned, centralised database in a common format. Our team of experts extracted pieces of information from the various fields of data and amalgamated them into a unified and correctly formatted file.

After formatting the file, we ran the email data through our e-mail validation software, E-Validate. This identified which emails were still live and which were now dead or hard bounces.

Stage 2: Enhancement

With the data file now cleaned, and address fields formatted, the matching process began. We took the data and matched it against our proprietary database sources to append various demographics and firmographic information. Our data sources contain a vast wealth of high quality, accurate, information that can provide unique insights into a database. The Institute of Physics, in this case, wanted any business information we could append that would help them better understand their membership base.

This included data such as:

  • SIC codes
  • Employee Size & Turnover
  • Additional Contact Information

Using the data

Institute of Physics Data Enhancement Profile

With intelligence like this, the Institute of Physics had the ability to analyse their market position and members, enabling them to plan future strategies around those results. Through the enhancement of business firmographics, such as SIC codes and employee size, they were able to establish what percentage of their membership was formed of individuals, academic organisations, or were private corporations.

They could establish what market sectors they were most effectively reaching and plan events supporting specific those market sectors. Subsequently, they also now had the ability to determine their market penetration across core sectors and plan strategies for gaining greater market share.

These unique insights were available to IOP through high quality data enhancement.


What the Institute of Physics had to say…

I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into appending our data. Even a quick analysis of the spreadsheet on its own has created a lot of interest and discussion with the organisation and is already able to be used to support our strategic decision making.  You delivered what I needed from an initially vague request so thank you!

Stephanie Richardson
Head of Professional Recognition & Progression

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