E.U-U.S Data Transfer Deal In Effect

July 15, 2016 9:56 am Back to News & Offers

As many would know, Safe Harbour – the previous framework governing E.U-U.S data transfer was struck down in October last year. What came in the months after that was a long negotiation to completely rewrite the framework from the ground up – and from that, Privacy Shield was born.

More than three years ago Edward Snowden, a former intelligence contractor for the U.S government revealed the mass scale surveillance carried out by the U.S. This level of unrestricted surveillance of data caused many EU politicians to question the Safe Harbour framework. When the EU struck such a deal down it was clear there needed to be a more stringent, guided and ultimately more governed policy. Companies who collect data on such a scale as the likes of Google, Microsoft, Facebook needed this free movement of data.

On Tuesday 12th July, the Privacy Shield framework was officially entered into force. Although it has been made effective, companies cannot sign up until August 1st.

It is said that larger companies such as Google and Microsoft have already began restructuring various policies within their companies on how data is handled in order to comply – ready to sign up on August 1st. The new framework allows E.U-U.S data transfer to resume, but under stricter regulations.

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