Bosses now face fines over TPS breaches

October 24, 2016 3:37 pm Back to News & Offers

How is the government cracking down on nuisance phone calls and TPS breaches?

A new law coming into effect in Spring 2017 will now put directors in the firing line for TPS breaches. What’s currently happening is that if a business is found to have breached the rules, the business is fined and the director often escapes punishment and goes on to set up another business. Under the currently regulations, only the business is accountable for TPS breaches, so the people in charge often do get away with it and go on to set up shop somewhere else.

Now, however, the person responsible will be held accountable for TPS breaches meaning there will be less opportunity for them to go on and set up new rogue firms. The ICO can impose a fine of up to £500,000 for the director and a further £500,000 for the business.

The ICO has issued almost £3.7 million worth of fines this year alone, and with this new regulation coming in early 2017, that figure is set to increase by this time next year.

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