Half of your emails are being deleted in two seconds

July 10, 2018 11:39 am Back to News & Offers

It might be time to re-think our approach to direct marketing. Research shows  that over 50% of emails have been discarded only two seconds after being opened.Direct marketing channels

However, adding mail to your email campaigns changes that statistic and even increases your sales by 30%, according to recent studies.

Video has not killed the radio star, nor emails have killed mail.Quite the contrary. The convenience and cost-effective nature of emails has pushed more and more companies to opt for electronic mail piece as their main focus of direct marketing campaigns. As a result, the large amount of emails received by individuals has made email marketing campaigns less impressive to the receiver. In fact, recent studies show that over 70% of consumers feel they receive too many emails.

Mail seems to not only have survived the digital revolution, but it thrives on the scarcity of mail campaign.

In fact, research conducted by Royal Mail in 2016 (The Life Stages of Mail, 2016) showed that more than 60% of mail gets opened.  Compared to the 10-25% open rate average of emails, mail seems to offer companies the opportunity to communicate more with their customers.

More importantly, the consumer perception seems to place postal campaigns higher in the reliability ranking. According to the same research all age groups (18-55+) have had ‘similar perceptions of the channel: formal, personal, informative, serious, and believable.’  (The Life Stages of Mail, 2016)

Mail and email work together

Companies have become more and more creative with their mailing pieces.

A good example of this is the 2016 Fiat 124 Spider campaign that was crowned ‘Best use of mail’ in the 2017 DMA Awards.

2221 DM packs were mailed out. 40 Fiat 124 Spiders were bought resulting in £781,800 in sales and 20 other Fiat models were bought resulting in £228,305 in sales. Hence a 2.7% conversion to sale and substantial ROI.

Direct mail statisticAnother great example of utilising mail pieces is the Great Western Railway campaign that was designed to create mail pieces to keep. Basing their campaign on the idea that mail pieces are kept in the household for more than 17 day, Great Western Railways decided to make their door drops part of the family fridge display.

This however does not mean emails are less effective. Emails offer the possibility to reach a large audience with ease. Email campaigns enable companies to share interesting content and links directing consumers on to their website.

(…)the core strengths of mail have endured and in some cases grown even stronger, often by driving customers online. Mail is still opened, still valued, still kept and still drives response. Digital has transformed marketing but it hasn’t replaced mail for one simple reason. Customers don’t want it to.”

Jonathan Harman Managing Director, Royal Mail MarketReach. May 2014

According to the Royal Mai Research (Mail and Email Research report, 2014) the digital revolution has made consumers move between the physical and online worlds. ‘As a result, both mail and email are able to drive consumer action.’ Using mail and email together can be the secret to a successful direct mail campaign. Building off the strengths of each channel, marketers can maximise the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. All they need now is a good pot of data!