Battery Storage Vital to Keep Lights on

October 24, 2016 11:57 am Back to News & Offers

Battery Storage facilityThe Government’s Energy and Climate Change Committee have warned that to avoid the threat of blackouts, whilst continuing to decommission coal and nuclear power stations, large scale battery storage and smart demand technologies must be rolled out. Though the immediate threat of power cuts this winter appears to have dissipated, investment is needed in new, clean technologies to ensure future consistent energy generation and availability.

Angus MacNeil, chair of the committee, said: “The government must get a move on and encourage the energy market to embrace smart technological solutions like energy storage and demand-side response. There is an incredible opportunity for the UK to become a world leader in these disruptive technologies, yet our current energy security subsidies favour dirty diesel generation over smart new clean tech solutions.”


battery storage proposed sitesIdentification of sites suitable for battery storage and smart response technology is an acknowledged barrier to wider adoption. Land Finder, however, are already working with developers and installers to find potential sites using digital mapping and spatial analysis. Recent projects across the West Midlands and North Wales found over 175 sites with the potential to house battery storage or smart response technology.

By working with the developer or installer to pre-determine the criteria for suitability – such as proximity to grid infrastructure, land parcel size, site slope, access, and existing land use type – the Land Finder team are able to create a semi-automated search methodology to identify potentially suitable sites by analysing a combination of commercial and Open Source digital mapping datasets.

The results are delivered via the Land Finder portal; a secure, online Web GIS built upon the Google Earth API. As well as the geographic results of the analysis, Land Finder can also provide Land Registry data, and ongoing compliant contact data for land owners such as email addresses and telephone numbers.