Solution of the week: data enhancement

May 24, 2016 4:01 pm Back to News & Offers

Data is a powerful tool, it practically fuels modern day marketing strategies. Not a single decision is made now without consulting previous data and potential forecasts – which makes data probably one of the most important things to a marketer in the 21st century. But what if your data is missing key information? The answer: Data Enhancement.

What is data enhancement?

Data Enhancement Intermedia GlobalMarketing has become very personalised in recent years… a simple email or mailing does not yield the same results it once does.  Personalisation has become the focus of most marketing developments in recent times so understanding your customers is crucial. Its in times like these, where companies not want but, in a way, need to know more about their customers that has allowed data enhancement to flourish.

We often have clients come to us wanting us to help make sense of their data and enrich it – helping them to better understand their clients. Data enhancement is essentially the process of appending as much information about a company or contact as we can.

This can be in 2 forms: filling in missing information or appending additional information.

Missing vital data?

Probably the most common request is to find and append any missing information the client may not have. Problems always occur in data collection – company name fields are missed or emails are entered incorrectly. We can match the details you do have have source the correct and very latest data.

Don’t have enough data?

The second form of data enhancement is appending additional information. Knowing more about our clients/customers will mean more tailored marketing. We will append additional data such as turnover, additional contacts, SIC codes etc…

B2B vs B2C

Data collected for B2B marketing is quite different from that of B2C marketing. Now while these two areas have completely different data needs we can still enhance both. We can append a SIC code to a B2B database, but we can also appened profession/employment status to a B2C one. A B2B file may require company turnover to be appended, in the same sense we can append household income to a B2C file.

You can see a longer list of the fields we can append here

As you can see it varies between the two areas, so its important to know the difference between a B2B file and B2C file before conducting any work on it.

You can read more on our own data enhancement services here

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