Data-driven marketing can increase sales by 20%

August 30, 2017 2:23 pm Back to News & Offers

Data-Driven Marketing for customersWhen it comes to purchasing, customers now have the means to research beforehand, most of them using online and in-store research. This means they leave a behavioural trace behind that can be used by marketers. By aligning already existent customer information with behavioural data, for example, can help marketers create tailored communication and more customer-centric campaigns and change the way customers will interact with the brand.

Consumer information can give marketers an insight into a person’s real-time needs, interests and behaviour, which can help retailers understand their customers. However, when the data you hold on your customers is incomplete, the communication across all marketing channels will be affected.

Research shows that over 74% of online consumers get frustrated with websites content or promotions that do not reflect in any way their interests. (Janrain and Harris Interactive). It is not possible to deliver relevant information to a customer or potential customer without data.

Therefore, the more relevant the experience is to the customer, the more it will drive engagement.

Organisations need to learn more about their customer and their immediate needs. Data collected from each interaction with the customer, will help them pre-empt their needs and therefore offer them the right product.  However, according to Digital Marketing Association (DMA) Data, a staggering 60% of retailers struggle to effectively implement data-driven marketing.

Customers are not highly-predictable, especially when using unilateral data. Basing an entire marketing campaign on rudimentary customer data such as their age or sex does not mean they will all behave identically. Using a more complex data sets, can build a more robust customer profile.

By focusing marketing investment in relevant data-driven marketing and communications, an organisation can increase sales by 15%-20%, as all communication will be focused on a smaller audience, but with a higher drive to purchase. In the digital environment, these numbers can be even higher, as costs are significantly lower and the patch to purchase is shorter.

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