Is your data at risk of becoming obsolete?

September 12, 2017 4:13 pm Back to News & Offers

data-clinic-imageWith the GDPR deadline fast approaching, it seems a lot of the current marketing campaigns are focusing on ensuring customers have opted in to future communications, in fear of the incoming regulations, putting a large portion of their data at risk.

Although the final regulations guidance has yet to be set by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), companies are fearing their data might become obsolete. Their fears are also supported by the recent audit conducted by data specialist W8, that predicted a staggering 75% of data becoming inadmissible once the new law activates in May.

Companies seem to have turned their attention on to their customer relationship management more than ever. Re-permission campaigns are rocketing, as well as efforts to build brand loyalty and customer retention.

(…) what is crucial moving forwards is that the opted in data is quality checked and well maintained, otherwise it risks becoming uncompliant and unusable. The fact that two-thirds of organisations are currently failing to regularly review their data speaks volumes  – David Lee, W8 Data Director.

It is fair to say that many organisations might be tempted to wait and see how rules are enforced before making critical decisions about their strategy. However, this might not be the best option.

Failure to comply with the regulation will result not only in hefty fines, but they risk being held up as a bad example, which, ultimately will ruin their brand reputation. The reality is that the new GDPR law offer companies an opportunity to build strong relationships with their customers.

The data protection directive sets out several new rights, including the right to erasure, which means an individual can request that their personal data to be deleted. Therefore, GDPR compliance is not only a good code of practice, but also a great way to ensure your customers feel comfortable doing business with you.

We have put together a few steps to help you be GDPR ready.

Don’t ignore the problem

Start reading about the changes in the regulations and start thinking how they will affect the way you communicate with your customers. We have put together a guide to help you understand the changes that will come:

Consider how you approach your customers now and make a list of the way this will have to change. Look through your own policies and procedures, and make the necessary amendments.

Plan ahead

Procedures and policies are often overlooked when it comes to the new data regulations, however these are after all an essential part in how you document your customer communications. The key part of GDPR is following a specific path and proving every step of the way that your customer data is compliant. All organisations will have to keep records of the data they hold, where it has come from and how it was used. Without the necessary paperwork and logs, it could be hard to prove compliance and you could risk incurring a fine.

Clean your data

The data you have is valuable and a precious part of an organisation’s relationship with their customer. In a digital age, data is the life blood of any successful organisation. You can understand the position companies can put themselves in by not maintaining it. Business data can decay by up to 33% a year, which means that 12 months from when you read this, up to a third of your data needs updating or removing.

Duplicates are commonly found in all databases that we are commissioned to upgrade. Often, we find that a customer has been logged as a new customer several times as they may have purchased across different channels or changed their details slightly.  Cleaning your data will be a first step into making sure the information you are holding on to and investing in is still valuable to the company. Intermedia-Global can help you with various data services such as cleaning and data enhancement that will help you in your journey to GDPR compliance.

Find a reliable supplier

It is always good to know that your data providers are reliable and will offer you good quality data that will not be obsolete starting May 2018.  As a customer, you need to be prepared to question the source of your data and the way it has been collected.


A contact on a recently purchased data list contacted Intermedia Global to determine where their information had been sourced from. Because of the high standards of care we install in all of our services we swiftly tracked down the data supplier and got a response for the contact. They were reminded of the time, date and how they opted-in to receive such messages. They subsequently asked to be removed from the database, as is their right.

Thanks to the quality of service Intermedia Global provide when suppling data, you do not need to worry as we make sure all of our data has the appropriate assurances.

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