British Airways Ranked ‘Best Super-brand’

February 26, 2016 4:05 pm Back to News & Offers

British Airways has topped both the Business AND Consumer Super-brands 2016 list, edging out the likes of Apple, LEGO, Google and Nike.

Source: British Airways Linkedin

For the third year in a row now British Airways claim the top spot of the list, which is put together by an expert council consisting of over 30 senior industry figures. A Super-brand is defined as having established an exceptional reputation in their field by offering customers a “significant emotional and/or tangible advantage” compared to its competitors. The 2016 list saw a lot of similar names as the 2015 list in relatively the same places, however there were a few clear winners and losers compared to last year.

The expert council judges each Super-brand on 3 areas: Quality, Reliability and Distinction. Companies seen to deliver high quality products/services consistently to each customer and is recognisably different to other suppliers within the industry the expert council will deem them a Super-brand and then rank them against other Super-brands from other industries.

Super-brands 2016 Biggest Winner: Paypal (up 13 places from 16th to 3rd)

Super-brands 2016 Biggest Loser: Johnson & Johnson (down 7 places from 11th to 18th)

Here’s the top 10 Business Super-brands:

1 – British Airways
2 – Apple
3 – Paypal
4 – Google
5 – Microsoft
6 – VIsa
7 – Virgin Atlantic
8 – MasterCard
9 – BP
10 – IBM

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