Updates from The DMA Conference and The Data Protection Practioner

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Conference contrasts

The DMA’s Data Protection Day 2015 and the ICO Data Protection Practitioner Conference presented some interesting contrasts.
As might be expected, the DMA’s conference focused on how commercial use of data can be maximised, both under the current regime and the forthcoming Regulation.

Fake SARs causing trouble
A spate of apparently fake Subject Access Requests is being sent to UK businesses. Often emanating from supposed Eastern European law firms, they demand action on behalf of UK citizens. Threats of complaint to the Regulator about how the requests are handled apparently readily turn into an offer to withdraw if a financial settlement is made.

ECJ considers Safe Harbor case
A case brought by privacy campaigner Max Schrems which challenges the validity of transfers of data to the USA under the Safe Harbor scheme has reached the European Court of Justice.  The case is against the Irish Data Protection Commissioner but really relates to Facebook’s export of Schrems data under the Safe Harbor Scheme. This is not the first time in recent months that the compliance of Safe Harbor has been challenged.

£5,000 cap for DPA fines scrapped
From 12 March Magistrates fines for offences under the DPA and PECR are no longer capped at £5,000. Directors who have “consented to or connived at” the offence will now be personally subject to unlimited fines, upping the ante on non-compliant behaviours significantly.

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