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Construction on the rise, but not enough to meet 2020 target

August 26, 2016 In a hope to boost the economy and the construction industry, last year the Conservative government pledged to build 1 million new homes in the UK by 2020. Recent figures however show they are set to fall well short of that figure. The housing market is a key indicator in economic performance – it has… Read More →

Up to 300 Companies Affected by Sage Data Breach

August 15, 2016 __ Major management and accounting software developer Sage is investigating a data breach concerning up to 300 UK businesses. The software company was founded in 1981 and now has more than 13,000 employees worldwide. The breach has already impacted their share prices, which fell 3.9% in the first hour of trading on Monday. Sage are the… Read More →

E.U-U.S Data Transfer Deal In Effect

July 15, 2016As many would know, Safe Harbour – the previous framework governing E.U-U.S data transfer was struck down in October last year. What came in the months after that was a long negotiation to completely rewrite the framework from the ground up – and from that, Privacy Shield was born. More than three years ago Edward Snowden,… Read More →

EU Referendum – what does it mean for data?

June 30, 2016 Exactly one week ago today the nation was casting their vote in the all important, EU Referendum. The 23rd of July marks a very momentous day for Britain. In the week following the vote to leave the EU we’ve seen: The pound plummet to the lowest its been in 30 years Concerns about a new Scottish independence… Read More →

Solution of the week: Land Finder

June 23, 2016 Land Finder – Intelligent land Identification. Our land identification tool, Land Finder, has seen staggering success since its launch in November, even more so this month with the arrival of the new delivery portal. Finding suitable land for development has always been a costly challenge, usually involving field workers scouting land or employees trawling google maps…. Read More →

Solution of the Week: E-Validate

June 15, 2016 Suffering from high bounce rates? Our online email validation tool, E-Validate, can clean your email database by removing invalid emails, duplicates, hard bounces and even soft bounces (should you request it) Whats the importance of it? Launching email campaigns that using databases that contain a large percentage of poor data have a damaging effect. Financially speaking,… Read More →

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