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Intermedia Global donate to charity

December 13, 2016 For Christmas this year, everyone at Intermedia Global decided to come together and donate to a local charity. Some may remember that last year we donated two full trolleys of food to Bedford Foodbank (picture right). The Foodbank provides help and support for thousands of families and individuals that are in need across the UK, supplying them… Read More →

National Lottery Data Hacked

December 1, 2016 The UK has seen yet another of its most recognisable brands, The National Lottery, suffer a data breach. The National Lottery reported that on 30th November they detected “suspicious activity” on thousands of their accounts. The official figure released is that only 26,500 players have been affected – only a small percentage of their 9.5 million… Read More →

GDPR could have cost Tesco £2bn

November 14, 2016 As of the date this article was written, businesses throughout Europe have only 555 days left to reorganise their data management to be compliant with GDPR. Tesco Plc, however, may breathe a sigh of relief that the GDPRwas not implemented immediately. Under the new regulations, which come into force on the 25th May 2018, their recent… Read More →

UK Climate Targets at Risk

November 7, 2016The UK’s climate targets are at risk due to uncertainty in the UK energy market, especially in the renewable energy sector. The government have decided to cut wind power subsidies from April next year. Major utility companies like Scottish Power,who have several windfarm expansions planned, are now rushing to finish the ones that have already… Read More →

Bosses now face fines over TPS breaches

October 24, 2016 How is the government cracking down on nuisance phone calls and TPS breaches? A new law coming into effect in Spring 2017 will now put directors in the firing line for TPS breaches. What’s currently happening is that if a business is found to have breached the rules, the business is fined and the director often… Read More →

Battery Storage Vital to Keep Lights on

October 24, 2016 The Government’s Energy and Climate Change Committee have warned that to avoid the threat of blackouts, whilst continuing to decommission coal and nuclear power stations, large scale battery storage and smart demand technologies must be rolled out. Though the immediate threat of power cuts this winter appears to have dissipated, investment is needed in new,… Read More →

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