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Land Finder – Government to commission 13,000 new homes

January 4, 2016David Cameron is set to announce a radical shift in government policy and directly commission the building of 13,000 new homes, with at least 40% of those being affordable starter homes. This is set to contribute to the government’s target of 200,000 starter homes for first time buyers. There are 5 sites around the UK… Read More →

Land Finder Launches

November 6, 2015 Land Finder has officially launched and we are already receiving a level of interest beyond what we expected. It can locate land that is capable of development to even the most bespoke criteria. Thanks to our partnership with Ian Dee Consulting, Land Finder offers a unique and ultimately unrivalled level of service. Where various other… Read More →

New Heat Pump Database

October 19, 2015Intermedia Global are proud to announce the launch of our new Heat Pump Database, containing 1.4 million postal addresses, 811,000 emails and 850,000 telephone numbers. This file includes the details of domestic properties in the UK that are eligible for ground source heat pumps, based on their garden size-to-property size ratio. It was created using… Read More →

UPDATED! 3DMG – Fleet Decision Makers Database

September 30, 2015As a result of over 5 years of due diligence, this telephone verified database has been updated. Containing over 210,000 contacts, of which 210,000 have email address and 108,000 have phone numbers. It has the capabilities to cover a range of potential target markets and audiences depending on your specific needs/requirements. Selections in this comprehensive database include:… Read More →

New Managed List: MIB Fleet Decision Makers Database

June 8, 2015 With Fleet Data ranging from the number of Cars, Vans and Trucks to the brands of Tracking Systems and Fuel Cards used, MIB Fleet Data provides an essential source of niche information for organisations wishing to sell their automotive products and services to Fleet Contacts. Their fleet data contains 60,242 fleet contacts running a fleet of vehicles. They are only… Read More →

Updates from The DMA Conference and The Data Protection Practioner

May 20, 2015 The latest from OPT-4 Conference contrasts The DMA’s Data Protection Day 2015 and the ICO Data Protection Practitioner Conference presented some interesting contrasts. As might be expected, the DMA’s conference focused on how commercial use of data can be maximised, both under the current regime and the forthcoming Regulation. READ FULL REPORT Fake SARs causing… Read More →

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    • DMA Registered List Brokers will gain an extra 5% commission on all managed lists (valid on lists which are ordered for the first time)
    • EuroContactPool data (Bisnode Database) – Country set up charges will be waived on orders over 15,000 records