IT Intelligence

The B2B technology marketplace has grown vastly on all fronts. The highly competitive environment means it is more vital than ever for brands like yours to be able to target the right audience and cut through noise, as your competitors all seek the latest competitive advantage to facilitate their own transformations.

In an ever increasingly digital world, IT intelligence lies at the forefront of B2B marketing. Knowing, for example, what hardware or software your audience has installed allows you to create a more targeted and successful campaign. We help companies connect with organisations that need IT products, solutions and support as they migrate and depend on more on digital solutions. These include complex combinations of hardware, software, data storage networking, analytics, and Cognitive technologies.

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Our International Solutions

laptop-image-largeIT Data Provision

At Intermedia Global we can supply you with relevant IT contacts, across all market sectors, business types and from every country. Then overlay our IT intelligence data, enabling you to finely select by Technology type, by Brand and by product version.

  • Target over 5m companies with known IT installed data
  • Reach 20m IT key decision makers by email, Telephone and by post
  • Contact over 500k with Direct Dial telephone numbers

IT Lead Generation

Our multi-lingual Call centre teams will connect you with carefully selected prospects ensuring we expose your business and IT solutions to only generate the most relevant sales leads. In addition to lead generation, we can offer market research solution and contact verification – allowing you to be sure your audience is the most appropriate for your IT solutions.

IT Database Building

Our team of global data experts can create custom database, specifically constructed around your IT products and solutions that will reach your exact target market. All available intelligence will be utilised, including your existing customer database, for propensity modelling and identification of prospective businesses that mirror your most profitable clients.

This customised database would typically include the supply of multiple contacts with the right responsibilities, that you would need to be targeting e.g. CEO, CTO, Head of IT etc…but also the C-Suite influencers and those who hold the purse strings such FD and MD etc…

IT Intelligence InternationalIT Database Enhancement

You can never know enough about your customers. The more information you have on them, the more you understand their buying behaviour, their trends and their needs. Knowing this means you can vastly improve your marketing by tailor your communications to suit them. Better customer care ultimately leads to improved customer retention.

We provide a vast array of IT intelligence on over 5 million businesses around the world. We can tell you exactly what hardware and software they have installed at site. What network and storage systems they use, and even what telecommunications they have. All this, as well as knowing more about the business e.g. additional contacts, job titles, telephone numbers etc…

IT Data Analysis  

Utilising our analysis tools and expertise, we can help you interpret and understand your business environment better, enabling you to make better and smarter marketing decisions.

We carry out high quality data analysis projects to help our clients gain insight to their current market penetration by sector and company type, RFM analysis, prospect scoring models, mapping, sales territory planning and much more… all to help your business grow profitably.

Our extensive knowledge of the direct marketing industry extends to every market sector, not just IT. Contact us today to discuss ways in which we can use our business intelligence to benefit you.