European Data (Bisnode)


What is ECP?

Bisnode’s EuroContactPool is one the leading sources of European data available on the market. It contains over 40 million business sites and 31 million decision makers, spanning 21 countries and is continuously expanding. This comprehensive database is only available exclusively through Intermedia Global – Bisnode’s UK database partner.

About Bisnode…

Bisnode group covers Europe and Scandinavia and was founded in 1989, today it has over 2 600 employees in 17 European countries. The private equity company Ratos ( owns 70 percent of Bisnode, while the remaining 30 percent is owned by Bonnier, the International media group with offices in 20 European countries.

new-map-of-europeWhat are the benefits of EuroContactPool?

One Source…

By combining local Bisnode country data from all 21 countries into one database solution, the ECP database is the perfect solution for pan European and country specific marketing. The data available across all countries is of the highest quality and combines both Bisnode owned data with carefully selected premium data sources within their respective countries. We subsequently use our local expertise to transform this information into valuable answers and insights for both our local and global clients.

One Structure…

When combining data from a number of individual sources, there may be differences in the way the data is formatted and presented. Organising and restructuring this is time consuming and could be better spent making the most the data provided.  ECP is presented in a single, unified, format so it is quicker and easier to make use of the data.

One Price…

Finally, ECP is one of the most competitively priced pan European B2B databases available. By using a centralised pricing strategy, it eliminates any variances between countries and currencies that one may find when sourcing the data individually.

Four Services in One Solution

Delivery2Data Delivery

The cornerstone of Bisnode’s solution is the delivery of high quality prospect data. Understanding your market so that campaigns deliver the best results they can is vital. ECP can help do this through a range of channels such as direct marketing, telemarketing, email marketing and many other channels

Quality2Data Quality

Improve your marketing efficiency and data quality through EuroContactPool’s data cleansing and enhancement services. Match your existing data to those within the ECP database and then either gap fill the missing information and/or replace the old or incorrect data with new up-to-date information.


Data Integration

Should your business require access to all European companies instantly for marketing and analysis purposes, ECP now offers and API solution. This service forms a synergistic link between your CRM system whether it be Microsoft Dynamics, SuperOffice, salesforce, Lundalogik etc… and the ECP database. This provides you with access to 40 million businesses in a matter of clicks.

Intelligence2Data Intelligence

Combining your business information into one place, analysing it and linking it to EuroContactPool, provides you with a powerful tool to see your customers in a whole new way, as part of a universe of potential contacts. The data enables you to identify your best customers and find ‘more of the same’ right across Europe.

Why ECP?


Creating and executing marketing strategies is easier to do through this highly selectable database containing over 31 million contacts and 41 million business sites, spanning 21 countries. The data provided has a wealth of additional information on the various contacts, allowing for the execution of highly targeted campaigns.

Data Management

Build your business by efficient management of your data. Generate higher levels of accuracy within your database(s) and enhance them with extra information you were unable to collect yourself.

Campaign Analysis

Identify the successes and failures of your campaigns, then create bigger, better, more targeted campaigns from those. Build upon your campaign’s strengths and refine its weaknesses to ensure you truly make the most of your data.


Evaluate and understand your key client’s buying patterns, identify their key characteristics such as size, revenue etc… Take the information you gathered and match those profiles to the ECP database, which will identify businesses with the same or similar characteristics based all over Europe and expand your customer base.

European Data – Country Breakdown

A small breakdown of EuroContactPool’s 31 million contacts and 40 million sites, including the newly added Czech Republic and Slovakia data, can be found here:

European data counts breakdown by country

For more detailed counts and statistics, please see the EuroContactPool rate card  or alternatively contact us on: +44 (0)1234 831000