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What is Bisnode?

Bisnode are a Sweden-based company responsible for building and maintaining one of our most highly regarded products: The Euro Contact Pool (or ECP).

The Euro Contact Pool is a unique solution for B2B, and more recently B2C data, across Europe. Spanning over 21 countries, and being comprised of over 40 million sites and 31 million contacts, it utilises local intelligence that combines to create one solution helps many businesses with their European marketing efforts.

Intermedia Global Ltd are proud to be an official partner of Bisnode, are the exclusive UK provider of this incredible tool.

Harness this solution, right from your own CRM system!

Not only are you able to purchase contact lists, tailored to your specification, your business can integrate the data to your CRM system through the new API.

For B2B data this is called the Bisnode Business Contacts API, or BBC for short. This gives you immediate access to over 30 million business contracts across Europe via your CRM system.

The recently released Bisnode Consumer Intelligence API (BCI) is also available, and can also be integrated into your CRM system. For now, this offers a whole range of unique consumer information in the NORDICS, however, it is expanding and will grow to cover more of Europe in the coming years.


Once fully integrated with your CRM system, the Bisnode Business Contacts API will give your organisation real-time access to over 40 million sites and 31 million contacts across 21 countries!

  1. Search and Select

Search for your desired target markets by name, SIC code, industry, country, employee and more, with real-time access to all data.

  1. Match and Connect

Match your existing customers and connect them into the into the API. This not only gives you access to the full database of prospect businesses, it provides the necessary intelligence on your existing customers that will help shape your future strategies.

  1. Download

Once selected, you will be able to download the relevant data immediately. You can use this to update existing information within your system or provide new prospect lists, perhaps based on similar business to your existing customer profile.

  1. Subscribe

With the unified Bisnode ID, your business will benefit from the automated update of all records. Whereas before it was a manual process to match the ID’s and update the records, through the BBC API, all updates are automated, making the process much more efficient.


With the proven success of EuroContactPool, and the usefulness of having a single European source for B2B data, Bisnode have no released the Bisnode Consumer Intelligence API. Much like with BBC, this particular tool is useful for companies in the tertiary sectors – e.g retail, banks etc… The BCI API provides demographic and behavioural intelligence for over 20 million consumers.

Having been released recently, this ultimately unique solution for B2C European data has seen success in Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden, providing insightful intelligence on the B2C markets in their respective countries and is on track to expand further across Europe in the coming years.

Why use BCI?

For businesses with Nordic operations, this solution will prove to be the greatest tool at your disposal. Fully linked to your CRM system, you will be able to conduct research on your target markets, build prospect databases while also appending addition information to any existing data, all in real-time.


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