Library 411 – Research Papers- Outlines and Research

May 4, 2020 5:17 pm Back to News & Offers

welcome in this segment we’ll be discussing research papers in particular outlines and research in previous segments we talked about the research paper defined and we talked about thesis statements and getting started but in this one we’re going to talk about the actual outline process so the first thing you should do once you get your thesis statement and your topic down you’re going to want to make an outline of all the components and parts that you’ll need for your research paper you’re going to want to do this pretty early on in your process so that as you formulate your outline you can have time to ask your professor if you’re on the right track so this is just a quick sample outline of a research paper you would have an introduction with of course your thesis statement you would define your topic in any terms that you would need to let the audience know about and in the body of course you would be doing your review of your literature your arguments your points of view and any kind of presentation of data and then finally you would have your conclusion with your summary and possibly your thesis reworded and so again you’re going to want to take some time once you review your research paper assignment pick a topic do your thesis statement sit down and draft out your outline it may change along the way but you need to have a starting point to keep you on track one of the next things you want to do after you do your outline is to get the due date of when your research papers due and work back from the due date and make yourself a timeline so on that outline you might want to include some dates of when you’re going to accomplish each of those parts are you going to need to include a time after you complete the research paper for the actual writing of it putting it together revising and editing you’re also going to be doing lots of research in that body section of the outline that’s where your research is so after you do your outline you’ll be conducting your research using appropriate literature you want to talk with the librarians at your institution to find out the right databases and journals along the way take lots of notes keep track of your citations and start your writing along the way you need to check with your professor to see if you need a certain number of citations and as you’re getting those citations you’re going to want to again write down what those citations are any quotes you’re using and any kind of data that you’ll be using and again start writing so to summarize with your research paper you’re going to want to make an outline keep you on track make a plan put some dates along that timeline again work backwards from the due date research the literature and start your writing that’s all for this segment thanks for joining me and I’ll see you next time you