About us

Who are we?

Intermedia Global is a full-service solutions provider of global B2B direct marketing & data solutions.

Created in 2003, we are internationally known for our extensive industry knowledge, vast experience, and our consultative, customer-centric approach. Most of all, we are highly respected for the positive impacts and results we generate for our clients and their business goals & objectives.


We aim to use our expertise and extensive suite of solutions to help you increase revenue and reduce marketing waste. We help you focus your resources and help you deliver a successful marketing campaign.

Our clients range from global household brands through to marketing agencies and PR professionals, all operating across a diverse range of market sectors. Alongside the UK, our client base and solutions reach across the USA, EMEA and Asia Pacific.



Our highly skilled team always achieve the best results for clients through an in-depth understanding of their products and campaign objectives. Any strategy we develop starts with an accurate interpretation and profiling target audience and a thorough knowledge of the most relevant lists (sourced from carefully-selected partners) and alternative media.

We help our clients develop and retain existing client relationships and help them acquire new business prospects. We achieve this through our core business intelligence solutions:

– Data analysis – propensity modelling, market penetration reporting

– Database cleansing & enhancement

– Global data sourcing

– Call centre activities – contact discovery, lead generation, appointment setting

– Predictive marketing SaaS solutions


Our Commitment…

What separates Intermedia Global from our competitors is our extensive knowledge, consistent service levels and dedication at every level from all team members and our ability to understand the objectives our clients’ needs and interpret them enabling us to deliver the most relevant, robust and cost effective solutions that are suitable for their budgets. We take a professional approach to our work and operate in a trusting, respectful manner to both Clients and Suppliers.

Neil McCarthy, Founder / Managing Director