Lead Generation

lead generation display
Did you know it costs 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one?*

However, new business acquisition is vital if you aim to grow and expand, and lead generation is often the best solution. Delivering high quality leads, opted in to speaking to your organisation. Intermedia Global are experts in B2B lead generation, offering a consultative service which sees clients receive qualified leads from our trusted partners that perform at a consistently high level across all sectors.

With two channels available to us – online or call centre – we will advise on the best approach for your campaign and our experienced account managers will ensure a smooth set-up process ahead of lead deliveries commencing.


Website-driven lead generation is often an efficient way to generate leads as enquirers are pro-actively expressing an interest in your product or service.  Our lead generation partners are experts at driving traffic to landing pages that result in fully opted in leads being delivered.  This just leaves you to make contact with them to close the sale!

Call Centre

Available for B2B client campaigns, all our call centres are UK-based and are adaptable to suit your requirements. Leads are typically generated from mini surveys, whereby a prospect has positively engaged with the agent and shown a genuine interest in your product or service. All calls are recorded and at least 30% are subjected to our stringent quality control process prior to delivery, ensuring we maintain the highest standards for all leads we generate.

Hot Keys

For clients able to accept leads by Hot Key, our call centre is set up for this, allowing for the transfer of a lead into your call centre within minutes.  This method offers a substantially higher conversion rate than traditional daily deliveries.

For more information on the availability of Hot Key transfer, please contact us.

*Bain & Company, Source here



Intermedia Global were highly recommended and are by far the most professional lead generator I have come across..

Mark McAlear – M.D at Direct Energy Group